Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Alpha (or beginning)...

Welcome to the World Deputation 2008 blog!!! This is a spin off from the World Deputation 2007 blog as well as its predecessors in 2006 and 2005. From this blog, you will be able to receive updates from each of the teams throughout the summer without having to get numerous emails in your inbox.

We will begin to write updates once the first team leaves and will continue to do so until the last team returns home. If you want to subscribe to this blog, there are steps that you need to take which are outlined somewhere on this page. Since many of you used your Internet savvy to get to this blog, surely you will able to figure out how to subscribe and, if you dare, even post as well!

Know that whether I am working here or not next year, I am committed to running this blog and am excited to keep each of you in the know how our 27 deputees are doing this summer. Please keep each of them in your prayers as many of them have absolutely no idea what they are getting themselves into. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the blog!