Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Croatia Update

An update from Rachel (7-30):
Hey Brandon,
We are starting ROM officially tonight and all the preparations seem to be going well here for the conference. Unfortunately some outside forces are showing us clearly that the devil doesn't like what is going on here, there have been character attacks of Tihomir and we are praying that the person trying to hurt his reputation. We want prayers for Tihomir and that God will sustain Tihomir's will have the patience and grace to resist the temptation to return wrong for wrong. Also it is a good idea to have prayers for forgiveness and change within the person slandering him. We hope that God will work in him. We pray also for any participants that might see this article and be wary of coming and that this action will not be disruptive to ROM and the good that it is doing here in the Balkans.
Jessica and I are getting ready for the kick off of ROM. I am especially excited to meet my small group and get to know them. I have already met several people that came for the conference early and I am excited for the rest. I would also like to ask for a prayer for team unity and a reduction of team drama. not in our small team, but the team around us seems to have a handful of relational issues and I would just pray that we can finding healing and work with one another well. May God watch over all the good that is happening here and protect us from the evil that is trying to ruin it.
We also wanted to say that we heard about the shooting in Seattle and that we are praying for it over here in Croatia.
I will also try to copy and paste my blog messages on to the World Dep blog soon.
In Christ,

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