Tuesday, August 12, 2008

God Bless you, Michael Phelps.

1st night in our hammocks (sorry the pics old... next time we'll have access to new ones)

Hello my long lost and awaiting compatriots. Words cannot describe the sorrow we feel for not being able to write to you until now. We dont have much time, so it will be kept short.

As a summary of our last week+'s activities, we've scaled the depths of Las Grutas (caves with holes no bigger than the girl's hips), swam in an exotic Cenote, visited (yet another) Mayan ruin, gotten attacked by a giant tarantula (3 meters across, it nearly swallowed Stu whole until he got it out of the house using his shotgun... aka we swept it out), watched the olympics as much as possible (Phelps is amazing... you all better be taking advantage of the opportunity to watch them like 30 hours a day), Nicole got sick on our last day of VBS here in Maxcanu and was ralphing all over everything and Josh attempted to kill his small 6 year old host-brother via squishing him in the car door - his missing arm will be a never fading memory of our stay here (just kidding...).

In other news, our final VBS, English class and construction project all finished today. The construction project (buidling the walls of a decently sized church) is still far from finished, but alas since we are leaving tomorrow we must leave it as is. We had a gran fiesta with a King Fu Panda piƱata and all at VBS - it was quite chee-yuh (cool). It was really fun hanging out with the kids, since we'd spent 10 days or so with them and knew them better, and it was sad to say goodbye... but also a bit refreshing to finish one thing and now start another. Tomorrow we go off to a high school/young adults camp on the beach for four days. We're all super stoked, and should have a chance to lead some songs and some group games. Awesome! After that we will stay at the beach by ourselves for two nights, head back to Merida and then call it good and head home on the 21st. Woo! Crazy how time flies.

We have all been reflecting on our time here in Maxcanu and the rest of the time that we've spent here in Mexico and what we will be taking home, so keep those thoughts and that process in your prayers along with health, as a few members haven't been feeling 100% lately. You all are in our thoughts and thank you for thinking of us!

God bless America. TIM Mexico,
Josh, Stu, Anna and Nicole

VBS and english and construction
Abraham almost died via josh

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