Friday, June 19, 2009

Hey friends! Marhaba from Bethlehem!

Hey friends,

After a scary time at the border (we were questioned pretty tough for 10 min), we made it through and have safely arrived in Bethlehem!
Actually, at the time it seemed bad, but two people (both from
England) did not make it into the country and were deported. About 4 people on our program were detained for a few hours and were heavily questioned by several different officers. So even though we were hassled, God blessed us and allowed us to get through.

Bethlehem is amazing! The people here are very hospitable and are treating us like family already. We are all staying with Christian families who have given us so much of the little they have. To give you an idea, they have been without running water for the past week!
But they graciously insist we use it, trusting that God will provide.
One thing I have learned is how big family and community is here. Our host family is Christian yet they have tea with there muslim neighbors. We hope that soon Israelis and Palestinians would be able to peacefully live with one another in this same way.

The rest of the program here is great. There are about 20 of us who all want to serve the people here as much as we can. We are doing everything from working at refugee camps, working with the disabled, with kids, and at hospitals. The need here is great as there is little money being given to Palestinians for infrastructure.

Please pray for us as we continue to serve these poor and oppressed people. Pray that we would show them the love of God through our actions and through listening. Also pray for L & K's host mother as her husband recently passed away. She has been gracious even through her suffering. Pray that she would be comforted as she goes through this tough time.

God Bless,

From Team Bethlehem!

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Chris said...

Team Bethlehem I am glad you guys made it safely across the border. I will continue to pray for strength and faithfullness in your guys time there. Space man I miss you a ton and hope you and the Shermanator don't cause too much havoc there. Enjoy and God Bless