Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ireland, Day 10

This week we have been living in a "flat" (aka apartment) in the very small town of Convoy. It has been interesting because we were expecting to be living and working with other Irish teens through the PCI outreach teams, but we don't start those for a couple weeks, so this week has provided a lot of time for team bonding- something we were told we would not get a lot of time for.

We just got done with our first Holiday Bible Camp (Vacation Bible School) in the county of Donegal at the Presbyterian church of Raphoe. It was extremely fun and we all had a great time playing with kids. At the camp we helped with the worship, told bible stories, and helped with activities like coloring and word searches. On Monday we went around with Kyle, the youth leader for the area and promoted the Bible Camp at the local school, which really helped. We were told to expect the usual 25-30 children, but we ended up with around 60+ kidsl; a record setting attendance! The Holiday Bible Club filled our evenings, and a couple of the mornings were spent at local schools, playing baseball, football (aka soccer), and rugby with the students, since it was their last week of school and the teachers needed a little bit of help keeping them occupied.

The weather has been gorgeous, and we were able to take a trip to the beach on Friday- we are working on dispelling the myth that the Ireland team always comes back whiter and fatter. We are getting some sun, though we are definitely packing on the pounds. Irish hospitality is a wonderful thing! We have been hosted by a different family every day this week for tea (aka dinner), and we have not been let down. We are beginning to get quite used to the homemade desserts after every meal, followed by tea and biscuits.

We've taken a couple of trips into the city of Derry, once for a concert, and again today for sightseeing/ shopping. Lindsay took the advice of a former deputee and went shopping for "the Primark look", Thoma fought the urge to shop with all of her might (and the help of the boys), Tyler sang his heart out while playing Guitar Hero, and Chase rode a mini-train around the private gardens of an estate.

We've all started to think with Irish accents, and sometimes it slips out, especially when we are with the children. More holiday bible clubs are on the schedule for next week, as well as outreach to youth in Convoy.

Much love,
The Seattle Team (aka Team Ireland)

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毛虫 said...

I was on the Ireland Team in 1989. It was an excellent opportunity to serve the people there with humbleness. It was also an excellent opportunity to tour the Guinness Brewery. You'll not find a more fun diversion that lifts the spirits and refreshes you for ministry.