Thursday, June 29, 2006

Chile Update

Trying To Stay Warm While Chile
Here's a list of things we have been learning since arriving in Chile:

We don't need all the ankle socks we've packed
Deputation Diet, No. We're gaining weight from all the good food.
Houses without heat make for long nights
Churches without heat make for longer days
Showers without constant heat make for even shorter showers
The main form of exercise in Chile is salsa dancing
We don't get much exercise
Knowing Spanish isn't needed for acquiring food especially bread
Kissing isn't necessary when you can just touch cheeks
Responding to Tia and Gringo
How to warm up to Maipu (pronounced My-Poo)...the city we live in
How much we like Maipu...Do you like Maipu?
How to worship to techno beats from the 80´s
How to show the people love through working in the church and school
How to get worked by a 10, no 8, no 6, no 2 year old in soccer
How to enjoy the World Cup with the world
Serving God isn't always what you think it would be

Thanks for all your prayers, we'll keep you in ours.

Team Chile
Ester, Michelle, Sarah, Taylor and Thad

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