Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Turkey is stuck!

Well, Turkey has had quite an adventure. When they checked in last night their flight from Seattle to London was delayed 2 and a half hours. Therefore they were going to miss their connection in London. They had to re-book flights and go from Seattle, to London, to Frankfurt, then finally to Istanbul, arriving two hours late. Well, they got to Germany and their flight out of whack again. Now they are spending the night in Frankfurt and will be arriving in Istanbul at 11:25 am tomorrow, (the 14th). They also have to get their flight from Istanbul to another part of the country changed. In total they will have a day to a day and half of more traveling then planned. Pray for rest!


Anonymous said...

Guys, I'm so sorry to hear about the crazy travel delays! I hope you've at least gotten some good stories that you'll be able to laugh about eventually...? Must have been a bonding experience! I'll remember to pray more for the traveling process... I hope you get to Turkey soon!! --Greta

Kim Lewis said...

What a trip you gals have had! I hope you are safe and sound by now in Denizli! -Kim