Thursday, July 17, 2008

Footsteps of Paul

Hello from Turkey,

Our week studying Mexico with the kids ended on Friday with a fun Mexican Fiesta. Our craft throughout the week was putting together 3 paper mache piƱatas which went over very well during our Fiesta. We also played some pin the tail on the donkey and enjoyed some Mexican food… or as close to Mexican food as we were able to recreate here in Turkey. Overall we all had a lot of fun and we are continuing to be encouraged by the kids’ enthusiasm.

Saturday night we got the opportunity to experience a traditional Turkish Bath (Hamam). It was quite interesting and memorable to be scrubbed down by complete strangers. It ended with a soap massage and we all felt squeaky clean.

The next morning we left Antalya and headed for Ephesus. Along the way we stopped in Denizli which houses ruins from the ancient city of Laodicea. We got to walk around in recently excavated market place and even saw a 2,000 year old stadium that would have held Chariot races. After that we stayed the night in Pammukale, a town famous for its natural hot springs. On Monday it was on to Ephesus. First we visited the Church of St. John and saw his tomb. The church was built up around his tomb centuries after his death. Seeing the city ruins of Ephesus brought to life Paul’s journeys, many of which included a stop in Ephesus. We were able to stand in the amphitheater that hosted the famous riots against Paul and his teachings. (Acts 19:23-41) After this weekend we all have a deeper understanding and appreciation of this land (Turkey) and its importance in early Christian History.

We are all exhausted from our 7 hour bus ride home to Antalya but are looking forward to being back with the kids tomorrow. We hope all is well at home, we hear the weather is just gorgeous! Keep us in your prayers,

Team Turkey

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