Sunday, July 13, 2008



Sprawled across our makeshift "Cyber" slash internet café, we sit to write our next entry. The last few days have been long but good. Weekends are filled with church activities: prayer vigils, graduation thanksgiving parties, birthday thanksgiving parties nad 4 hours on Sundays. Quite an experience.

Recent exciting happenings: We went to an authentic Mexican Wedding last weekend! Although, now that its all over, we would like to retract our excitement from the last sentence... our expectations had been so high, but we were disappointed with a lack of dancing (not even one dance!) and food that was ALL smothered in mayonase. There was mayo in places where we never thought possible. Looks like USA wins this time. We also traveled to a Mexican "Rancho" yesterday (on Nicole´s birthday!) where we chilled with some cows, rode a horse and just got to experience the countryside a bit. Oh, and we had 20+ people riding in the bed of a small pickup truck riding to said Rancho. Don´t worry, lots of pictures were taken. Last big thing was a Cenote that we visited on Thursday. A Cenote is basically a big cave with real deep water that you can swim in. It was beautiful and extremely refreshing in our 95 deg heat. The best part may have been the horse drawn rail cars that took us to and from the Cenote. It was pretty sketch.

Construction, Bible classes and English classes coninued as normal also. A typical day for us here in Chapab includes us working on Geronimo´s house from 8-11am in the morning, resting until lunch time, planning after lunch, VBS at 4pm and English class at 7pm. Nights and afternoons are ours to do what we please - roaming around the town and possibly playing some basketball or soccer is a favorite activity. Its too hot to do so during the day. Activities are going pretty well, the house looks like it might not fall down dispite our best efforts... the kids are loving playing around and learning the song Pharoah Pharoah and everyone can now count to one hundred in English class.

Our team is plugging along here in Chapab, although it has been difficult at tmes adjusting to our new location and schedule. Patience is definitely key here... I´m assuming the word "punctuality" does not exist in Spanish. example... if church starts at 6pm, then you can expect there to be 4 or 5 people there by 6:20. Yeah. The record for late-starting-ness is currently an hour and 45 minutes. Besides patiance, we have all been learning how to best work together as a team and really support one another´s needs. Of course, things have been very different than expected also - this being both a good and a bad thing at times. We all already feel like we are part of the families with whom we live, and even the community to a degree too, which is great. Everyone (seriously, like everyone) in the 2500 person town knows our names and is not shy to shout out to us as we pass by. Its been neat to see how receptive and excited all the people here have been. We can already tell it will be very sad to leave in two weeks.

Thank you to all that have been reading and praying about us, as we are all healthy and no serious issues have been encountered. Please continue to pray for health, communication and direction for the rest of our time here in Chapab.

Team Yucatan

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