Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Northern Ireland... fan-dabby-dosey!

Hey guys! Ok well, first of all... our apologies from failing to blog more than once thus far. I guess we are just having that great of a time! (also, internet access is surprisingly hard to come across in this first world country!)

Northern Ireland has been such a whirl wind so far! We started our first camp in a small farming town called Faughanvale. The people that we worked with were absolutely incredible and we were so heartbroken to say goodbye. We all worked with different ages, Kiel and Jenna had the ages 7-8, Nicole with the teens and Quinn had 9-10 year olds. The holiday bible camps are so great and the kids with the accents can break your heart in one sentence, or one lick in Jenna's case. (A little blonde girl named Grace had a problem with licking everyone). Each night we had programs for the young people in the town. This included a talent show with Kiel looking like a very pretty woman dressed up for our rendition of blind date, and Jenna was a little too scary as scary spice in a lipsync. We also had a barn dance, a treasure hunt and lastly, celebrated our independence with an enormous slip and slide rally.

Ireland is absolutely beautiful and the rain intends to always keep it that way! We have just had a couple of days to travel and have seen the best of the north, even with a little sunshine. We even spent an afternoon at our hostel buggie boarding in the waves! We are heading down south to Ireland on friday to start our second camp... and are excited to see the differences between the North and South. The accents have definitely been a humorous addition to our experience, we now and forever will pronouce Chicken as CHAken.

We miss you all and think about what the other teams must be up to while we are learning line dances to "cotton eye joe" with Northern Irish teens! I hope this blog doesn't make us sound as though we are only having fun... because we are having a LOT of fun! We still would love prayer for travel, understanding of cultures and for our team in general.


Anonymous said...

Hey Team Ireland,
Glad to hear from you and happy that things are going well. We will continue to pray for you, your work, the people around you, and that God use you in a mighty way for His kingdom.
Doug and Barbara Mulder (the best parents Nicole ever had!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Quinnie! You look as though you're having way too much fun. it! Have you tasted any of that wonderful Irish ale yet? Don't lie! Loves Auntie Gail.