Monday, June 25, 2007

India, naked and green!?

Honestly, life is unreal here in India! Imagine walking down the streets of Seattle naked and painted green...THAT is how we stand out. life is amazing here, busy and nonstop! the school is amazing! we all had one day to rest and then went right to the school and were thrown into the mix! the children, amazing by the way, are still getting used to us but already seem to love us! we've only had two days of school but they've been great!. Natalie will be helping to instruct English using a computer program, this mainly happens on Mondays and then throughout the rest of the week she will be at Rita's beck and call, helping in the main school office with whatever is needed. Carl is taking over as a math teacher. It's wild to be helping in the education of children! i don't think anyone of us feel worthy! The main math instructor is going on leave (for reasons we did not catch) and so Carl is taking over the class. Jason is mainly a tech dude. he is currently taking pictures all over the school in order to make a new brochure and other texts for information purposes, also he's working on power points and slides for Rita. Most of this week (aka the two days we've been working) for Carl and Jason have been spent in the library organizing books...they say it's been OK, slightly dull, but they are fully aware that things will pick up and quickly! As for myself i am the art teacher. the current instructor is going on maternity leave, she is due in Aug. i feel as if i have already bonded with her a bit, although what she does is a TON of work, i think we're all a little nervous to actually get started! as for our accommodations? Prem and Rita could not be better hosts! we're so well taken care of. we all feel so at home and loved in their home which by the way is beautiful! we share rooms boys in one girls in the other. we have our own little flat sort of. we have a living space, kitchen and our own bathrooms. honestly we're overly pampered! it's amazing how passionate Prem and Rita are when it comes to their faith. a passion i think we all admire and desire. to love the Lord to intimately, it's truly beautiful. tonight (sat) we'll go to a wedding and we, well Prem, has pretty much planned our our entire trip, we literally go somewhere or have something to do EVERY WEEK! we're all very excited for what the trip has to hold. this is a brief update, more to come when we have an official full week! hugs and kisses from Bangalore!

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Anonymous said...

It's good to hear that you guys are having a fun time! Prem and Rita are actually my aunt and uncle and I have heard a lot about the program. Enjoy Bangalore, it's a great city!