Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A sketchy story but happy ending...

I arrived in Ireland yesterday evening after being detained in London immigration for 45 minutes!! I guess my story sounded a little sketchy since I didn't have any documentation, contact numbers, last names of the woman picking me up, or any idea of where I was staying. They finally decided against deporting me and let me pass after making sure my story was fully written down on my immigration card. The rest of the team arrived this morning and apparently had similar problems. I don't think the UK believes that we will be here for 2 months without getting paid and were especially suspicious because we were so uninformed about everything. Anyways we are here and just got back from a nice breakfast with Lois and Graham who both work for PCI.

This week is an orientation week and we are meeting with many of our leaders at different camps. We will have some time to tour Belfast this week and then we train down to Dublin to begin our first camp! It is cold here! We are hoping it will start warming up but were informed by many people on the plane that Ireland has about two weeks of summer where it might reach 70 and then it disapears before you know it!

Anyways there is our quick little update!


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Tracy Lane said...

We are glad you all made it safely. We loved seeing the picture. Hey Trev, glad you took some warm clothes. You are all in our prayers. Have fun and take care of each other. We love and miss you already Trevor.
Trevor's family- MOM, DAD, MATHEW