Thursday, June 28, 2007

Orientation!!! Belfast Ireland

So Trevor and Camille proceeded to turn around and try to find the pot of gold and leprechaun at the end. They thought they would have better luck with that here in Ireland.

Us in front of the City Hall

Queens University

One of the murals that were created as a result of the troubles

The mile drive up to the Parliment Building

The tour of Belfast

Ok so we are doing some orientation before we go into some intense back to back camps. So here is a bit of what we have seen up to this point. Oh and we just met up with Malia Bushkirk and Laura Huysman, who are interns here from Seattle as well. They are former Ireland Deputees that have come back to work at some of the churches for a year. It was really great to get a different point of view from those that were former deputees and are still here. They had a different insight as to the "troubles" here and the evolution of it in the last couple years due to there involvement.

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Curry Gibson said...

Hope you are exploring and having a good time. Love the sunglasses!