Friday, June 15, 2007

They made it!

Hey Everyone!
We made it to Manila without a hitch and it is hot and humid! But fear not, for we are joining the heat as some wise man said. But seriously, today was really nice and sunny if somewhat muggy.
Mia, our caretaker, is great and took us to a restaurant the americans and filipinos opened together back when America was in control here...the restaurant's specialty is fried chicken :)
We are staying in a Christian hotel with rooms that make you feel like you're in a monastery, but nice nonetheless. And we have internet access right next door.
I don't plan on emailing frequently (that is what the deputation blog is for), but I think this email was prudent. However, I will check my email probably a couple times a week cause I have some loan issues and pharmacy matters taking place while I am over here that I will need to address.
I love it much to see, and i don't know if you knew, but we're kinda of a big deal over here...but that may be because Mia told everyone (including the mayors we will visit) that we were all planning on becoming pastors/ joking here. (brandon, did you mention anything about seminary to Mia? :)
Thank you all for your love and support and we all are looking forward to getting dirty on Tuesday building houses!
P.S. Please forward this email to anyone who might be interested....didn't have much time to write or look up emails. And, Poyang showed me how to call people in the states using the internet (a program called Skype) for like 2 cents a minute, so if the need arises i can call someone relatively easily, which is comforting.

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Kevin A Rock said...


I'm glad you made it safely and that you guys received such a warm welcome. I'm sure it is hot but you are part of the Chondricthyes Crew Team so you don't feel heat, Ha. Work hard buddy and build a beautiful worship center. I'll be praying for you.