Thursday, June 19, 2008

Team Turkey Update

Below is an update from Team Turkey:

Hello Everyone,

Our travel to Antalya was relatively smoothly…for the most part. Although it was amuzing watching Turkey security guards search our luggage filled with crafts for the conversation club. We arrived in Antalya yesterday and with us we brought the hottest day of the year thus far. When we stepped of the plane it was a serious 120 degrees. It was like walking into a hair dryer just like our shepherd Lindsay had warned us. When we got of the plane we were greeted by Verna who we have come to find is amazing and Kim who is a former Turkey deputee who is interning for Ben and Verna. Ben was waiting in the car to keep it air-conditioned. Ben and Verna are our awesome coordinators.

They took us to a lovely Turkish restaurant for a Turkish dinner, where we got to know them better while we enjoyed a delicious Turkish meal. After the meal, they took us to a Turkish dessert shop. There we enjoyed desserts and had chi tea which is nothing like it is in the States. Afterwards, we went back to our apartment and to our pleasant surprise which was beyond our expectations. We have Klima (air-conditioning) in the living room and in our rooms…

This morning we woke up and explored around our apartment. After just the first two blocks we had to stop for emergency water. It is that hot. When we got back to the apartment and met with Kim and she took us to go swimming. We walked about a mile and a half there. It was rocks you could jump off into the clearest blue water. After we got back we met with Verna to do our orientation.

Tomorrow we get to go see the location where we will be doing the conversation club. We are so excited to met the kids and begin working on Monday. We begin working on Monday. We miss you all. You are all in our minds. Please keep us in your prayers.

Love Team Turkey

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