Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Team Yucatan and their hammocks...

This is an update from Byron Ahina who is the host missionary for the Yucatan Team:

Thanks to God, the team has arrived safe and sound here. There was a flight delay so they landed around 1:30 am. They are just beginning to wake up now and learning how to fold and hang their hammocks. We are so pleased to have them with us in Yucatan! They will be with us for a couple of days to get the “lay of the land” and will have the opportunity to practice their Spanish with our English students tonight who are very excited to meet them. We are having a welcoming fiesta for them. Then they will be off to their Merida host families tomorrow and then, on Sunday, off to the village (Chapab). God be with you.

Hopefully I will receive an update from the team soon!

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Matt B. said...

Yesssss I'm so glad! I'll be praying.