Thursday, June 26, 2008

Team Turkey Lost in Translation


Greetings from Team Turkey in Antalya! As we write this, we are all four gathered in our living room getting some rest after an eventful day with the kids. Tomorrow will mark the end of our first week working at the Kres (Turkish for pre-school). This week has been filled with surprises and schedule changes. The surprises started first thing Monday morning when we came prepared with crafts and curriculum for 7-12 year olds but instead were greeted by a group of eager 3-5 year olds. The summer conversation club we were told we’d be running is postponed until next Monday due to an unforeseen standardized test imposed on 5th-8th graders by the Turkish Government. That Monday we scrambled to adjust and simplify our activities to accommodate the younger kids. The language barrier has been more challenging than expected due to the lack on translators since the first day. Fortunately we have had the help of a delightful 11 year old who barely speaks English buts want to help and learn.

We’re excited because as the week comes to an end we like we are building relationships with the children. Although it was a hectic start we are thankful for the time we got to spend with the young kids… they are adorable and bring a lot of joy to our days. This coming Monday we will begin the English conversation club as originally planned as well as continuing to spend time with the 3-5 year olds.

Last night we got the opportunity to witness the intense passion Turkish people have for their futbol (soccer) team. We were invited by the owner of the Kres to watch a viewing of Turkey play Germany at an outdoor restaurant with her family and friends. Although it was a sad loss for Turkey it was a fun cultural experience.

For those of you that are wondering… it’s still insanely HOT but we are enjoying the beauty Turkey offers and it helps to be near the water.

Thanks for your support, please continue to pray for our patience and flexibility as we enter our second week.

Much love,

Caitlin, Liz, Mandy, & Katelyn
Team Turkey

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