Thursday, June 26, 2008


This Is Mexico. Our team motto thus far. We arrived safely in Merida at 2:30am the morning of the 25th, after an unexpected 15 hours of traveling. The Mexico City Airport turned out to be much more confusing than we ever could have expected. We probably walked a marathon just trying to successfully find our gate. We were punked by Mexico for the very first time - the first of many Mexico punk-ings.

Byron and Inez, the local missionaries here in Merida, have been incredibly welcoming and hospitable. We have stayed with them in their house until now, and it seems incredible that we are so comfortable with them already after only having spent a day and a half with them. Yesterday, we did a lot of shopping for VBS supplies and other equipment, then spent an amazing evening with Byron and Inez's ESL class. We made skits and sang "O, Magnify the Lord", which involved a lot of motions and great times. The best part by far was simply sitting around and talking in a mix of Spanish and English with all of the people. The biggest thing that we have noticed so far is that (a) it feels like a sauna everywhere we go and (b) the people are incredible.

We just got back from walking through an everyday rain shower - aka a torrential downpour. The roads turned to rivers and the rain was literally stronger (and warmer) than our mroning showers. It was chevere (awesome). Tonight we will be leaving to stay with host families here in Merida for the next 3 nights, then leaving for Chapab on Sunday after church.

So far, we DO still like each other, even though "Nicole sleeps more than a koala" (quote Stu). We have been living the luxurious life, so we haven't encountered many difficulties as of yet. Our spirits are high and our hearts are even higher. God has already begun to show us the beauty of a simple life and the amazing hearts that Byron and Inez must have to be missionaries down here.

Ya les echamos de menos. Paz afuera en Cristo, les hablamos a ustedes pronto.
Josh, Stu, Anna and Nicole

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Praying for you all and sending love!