Saturday, July 11, 2009

Many Things from Team Kenya

What We've been doing:
1. Oh yeah, we climbed that mountain. And, proving that the world we live in is incredibly small, on the way down the mountain we met two people who are members of University Prez. And they had been on deputation before! God is Good...and very funny.
2. Every morning at 7:15 we have devotions on the porch with the employees. We sing hymns. Our favorite is when we sing "What A Friend We Have in Jesus" in kiswahili. There's bible trivia. We lose. I'd like to see you point out what territory the twelve tribes of Israel each got on a map.
3.We play soccer every saturday and sunday with the kids. Amy laughs whenever she gets the ball. Mindy looks at the ball, doesn't know what to do with it, and trips over herself. The kids seem to think we do "baby kicks". I think its because we don't hit anyone in the face when we get the ball, which they do often.
4. We have formed a friendship with our driver James. He is filled with wisdom, and answers all our stupid questions about Kenya, even the ones about the Lion King......
5. We get to go to church with the Kids on Sunday. Abby knocked a pew over while greeting the congregation.
6.Chipatis are really good fried bread circles. However chipatis with ants are not.
7. First week of games went well. Megan:19 preschoolers-dead inside. Abby: Art-tried to recreate middle school geometry project. Mindy and Amy: Music--taught songs in hyper speed.(Amy can't say the word gush without laughing fyi)
8. Twice a week we get to attend devotions with the kids at night. THEY ARE EXQUISITE! when they pray. and all the time pretty much.
9. Today we walked through Kibera, which is one of the largest slums in the world. Can't even describe it. It was so much to take in. But the 3 guys that showed us around were amazing christians and it gave us hope that they had such strength when they are faced with such extreme poverty.
10. Apparently we will be teachers when school starts because they are short staffed. Prayer needed!

Signing Off,

Amy Wagoner x 4

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