Friday, July 03, 2009


JULY 3, 2009
1. Heathrow: missed flight to Nairobi. 10 hour delay. Dead inside.
2. What is Chutney? and why was it served for breakfast on an english muffin with cheese on British Airlines? Cold. we wanted to know.
3. Rerouted through Tanzania. Bird in airport. Amy: "Smells familiar."
4. Megan's first cultural misunderstanding: Employee: "welcome!" Megan: "oh i'm from seattle"
this may have been funnier due to the 40 hours already traveled without sleep...
5. Took propeller plane to Kenya where we were served mango juice and chicken pitas. best airline food yet.
6. 70 year old man got out of seat on flight to Tanzania. His pants were too loose, they stayed in the seat, his bare butt did not. Amy was across the narrow isle; needless to say, she was mooned.
7. Went to Massai Market. Got seriously ripped off by our inability to bargain well. We'll learn. (except Abby who wanted to run and cry...never want to go back)
8. Roads: no rules. there are giant holes. and they play chicken.

ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE: Blessings in disguise:
1. Due to our flight rerouting, we flew directly over Mt. Kilimanjaro on our flight from Tanzania to Kenya. Incredible. Also, within 10 minutes of leaving the airport, giraffes were sighted. This wouldn't have happened if we came on our original flight which came in late at night and it would have been too dark to see them.
2. On our flight to Tanzania, Megan was able to talk to 2 girls from Denmark who were atheists but curious about the gospel. God really provided Megan with this opportunity to share Jesus.
3. Not that we needed it, but we were given more team bonding time and we were able to see each other at our worst and we avoided all conflicts where they could have easily happened.
4. We've been here 1 day and the children know our names and call us "auntie." Words cannot describe our children. It will break our hearts to say goodbye.
5. Everyone here at the compound is unbelievably generous and the Kenyan people are really friendly and faithful. We had devotions with the village staff this morning and their knowledge of scripture was unmatched. We got to sing "What a friend we have in Jesus" in Swahili and it was awesome.

Tomorrow we're climbing a volcano.

Signing off:
Amy Wagoner X4 (our airport greeting from our driver)


Kathleen said...

Yay Team Kenya!!! I'm praying for you all!

Queen E said...

Be tough Abby, you can talk them down!! I hope you are having an awesome time, what a once in a liftime opertunity!