Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Taste of India

On Sunday, we went to a church that was translated into three languages. At the service, which was four hours long, they had twenty-five baptisms of men and women who were previously Hindi. They had a full immersion and the pool was actually in the middle of the church. I was tearing up. It was amazing to see how into the service people were even though two thirds of the service was unintelligible.

Every morning we ride the school bus and pick up all the kids and teachers on the way there. The bus is jammed packed with all sorts of commotion. Brian and I use all the little tricks we know to mess around with the kids. We usually sit in the back with Uday and Suresh. We tap them on the opposite shoulders and point to their shirts then flick their noses. It has become quite an epidemic at the school. I had a kid come up to me today who I did not know and point to something on my shirt. I looked of course and whammy flicked in the nose. Recently when we get on the bus more kids will start sitting back there to be with us.

We have been going to the park this week after school and throwing a Frisbee and a tennis ball. It is simple enough, but people have been watching us in wonder and some have even had the courage to join us. It has been fun playing with the people of the neighborhood. The Frisbee has been difficult for them to master, but they can throw the tennis ball like a pro cricket bowler.

Although we have been guaranteed that we will get sick, I have been eating a ton of Indian food and it has been incredible. Plus you only use your right hand so you do not have to worry about utensils slowing you down. Maximized eating capability. Brian and I have been trying to get some really spicy foods, but so far the girls have been holding us back. Even with all the new foods we have been trying we have been to McDonald’s and KFC. Granted I ordered the Maha Raja Burger and potato wedges, but it was still Mickey Dee’s.

Ahhh Ace!

~Dexter and Team India

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Anonymous said...

"they had twenty-five baptisms of men and women who were previously Hindi"

Wow. Way to be culturally ignorant. Hindi is a language. A Hindu is a person that is a practitioner of the religion of Hinduism.