Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jambo from Kenya!

Jambo everyone! With just two weeks remaining we are wondering how the time has gone by so quickly. We are still enjoying Rafiki and learning to appreciate the many blessings that life in Africa brings. It is a simple life but has such an authentic feel to it. Tutoring, grading papers, making copies, fixing internet cables, teaching PE classes still consumes our time during the day. I (Barclay) have also been working on a detailed map of Middle Earth for the Lord of the Rings study for the 9th grade class. It took about 3 days and our team thoroughly enjoyed burning the edges of it to make it look like an old school map. The love for learning and the curiosity of a child can teach us all a little bit about what we may be missing. They never fail to stop asking questions, whether that be about taking a picture, how to do a karate chop, how to say words in spanish, how to be more dramatic when reciting a hamlet soliloquy or inquiring to what a "girl crush" might be. They are also extremely observative. I have a confession to make. I sit at a certain table, the Beersheba cottage with Mama Rose, the one night per week that dinner rolls (my favorite) are served because Mama Rose seems to be quite generous to me in the dinner roll distribution. Today I had a girl named Stephany from cottage Shalom ask me, "Uncle Barclay, why do you always sit at Beersheba when it's dinner roll night?" I could not hold in my laughter. She caught me. This gives our team all the more reason to watch what we do and be the best role models possible. It is awesome to be in the summer business of shaping kids for the rest of their lives. Our deputation team is doing awesome, and even though two weeks still remain we cringe at the thought of leaving these kids without the promise of ever knowing or seeing what amazing things they will go on to do in their lives to serve God and others.

Mingi Karama,
Barclay representing Kenya crew

PS. I am reading an amazing book about the 1994 Rwandan genocide and the reconciliation and forgiveness that has been taking place for the past 16 years. I would strongly recommend! The book is called "As We Forgive" by Catherine Claire Larson

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Anonymous said...

Hi Barclay,
Your postcard arrived yesterday, thank you so much! Ryan was so excited to receive it, and we quickly looked up pictures of the animals you told us about. You made my little 3-year-old so happy, thank you for taking the time to write him a note and send it. Have a safe journey home!
Mollie Overa