Friday, July 23, 2010

Kenya Update

Well...It's been awhile so there is a lot to tell.

First we are all doing well. We are enjoying the kids a lot. We have been spending as much time as we can with them as we feel our departure date is sneaking up on us.

We got the opportunity to go on safari to the Masai Mara. It was the most amazing experience. We drove out there, a 6 hour drive, but through beautiful country. We then spent three days and two nights at a camp called Olamara. It was beautiful and they took good care of us. I (Drea) got pampered as they made me gluten free meals all weekend. It was the first time I had soup in a year, so I think I ate at least five bowls. We saw so many animals. Our favorite had to be the leopard and its two cubs (which is pretty rare to see). We also got to see a zebra being eaten by a lion family. It was a good weekend and helped us to refocus our work.

The last two weeks we have been working as teacher's assistants. Most of the time we grade papers, make maps, draw posters, and we have mastered the copy machine as we spend most of our time in the copy room. I am with the Preschool and Kindergarten and so am in the classes in the morning, as they get out at 12. In the afternoon I just copy or find random work. Julie, the Kindergarten teacher has let me teach. It is fun, right now I am just teaching math and handwriting. I am beginning to appreciate the beauty of America and all we have available in the states. It has become a challenge to find some materials and I spent hours making handwriting sheets. After school we either tutor the kids or rest as the day takes a lot out of us.

We have been spending a lot of time at Julie's house, just hanging out and watching movies. I think she enjoys the company and it is good for us not to just sit around and be bored.

Home office is here this weekend from Florida. We are staying in the village with them, helping to prepare meals and watch kids when the mamas are in meetings. Megan and I were hoping to cook ugali (a Kenyan dish that I despise but Megan likes) but instead we are making sandwiches? Oh the irony...

Last weekend I went away to Kisumu, a city in western Kenya for the day on Friday. I had set up a visit with a kid my family sponsors when I found out I was coming to Kenya. I flew out very early in the morning and came back that night. It was the most amazing experience. I got to meet the child, his grandmother, and see where he has grown up. About a week before I was to leave we found out he was in a bad situation, and because of my trip that was planned we were able to find out about it and help pull him out. God works in amazing ways and His timing is perfect. Helped to give me a glimpse of possibly why I was sent here. Barclay also went away for the weekend to go with a friend to an orphanage they are starting in Kenya. It was good to be back together as a team Sunday night.

Other random notes:

- The other day Joseph said that he was going to plant Megan in the garden so that she can sprout a bunch of little Megans. He can then feed her bread, beans, and popcorn through a straw.
- Barclay is giving out a prize to the first kid who can memorize the to be or not to be speech from Hamlet.
- Kindergartners talk a lot and like to chew on pencils.
-I have shopped so much and will most likely bring home over 50 pounds of just souvenirs.
-We are pretty much pampered here, with our beds and laundry done three times a week.
- We also get fed sooo much here. I have mastered the art of secretly giving away my food to the kids when the mamas look away.

Just continue to pray as we only have three weeks left. We have decided the best thing would be to have both worlds in one- home and the kids. Too bad it cant work...The kids have a strong hold on our hearts.


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