Saturday, July 24, 2010

فريق بيت لحم (Team Bethlehem)

Marhaba kul wahad,
I hope everyone is doing well.  It is nice to finally find a break in the action where one can sit down and take at least a little time to write about what is going on here.  I myself have been volunteering at a children's Summer Camp so far.  Some of the options the children have are Arts & Crafts, Sports, and Singing & Dancing.  Standard fare, but incredibly fun nonetheless, especially when I am able to watch the younger children pull out some hilarious dance moves.  I cannot stress enough how much joy this has brought me.  The situation here is very difficult, but being able to see the happiness in the children that I work with day in and day out is such a blessing.  Though I must admit running around for hours in 90 degree weather isn't the least strenuous thing one could do, and for that I ask your prayers!  A great thing about these camps is that many children, especially during the Summer, have nowhere else to go.  Parks and other recreational areas that are ubiquitous back home are few and far between here.  It is much better than sitting at home or ambling through the streets because one's parents are busy with work or volunteering.  The people in this culture are very relational, and the children here are no exception.  Despite the dialogue being an Arabic-English pidgin, it's clear that having fun and spending time with one another transcends any barrier.
     It's getting late here, and as we must get up early for a trip to Hebron tomorrow I have to cut this short.  Please continue keeping us in your prayers, it is often difficult here and to have so many lifting us up is a huge blessing.  Much love, maa salaama.

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