Thursday, July 01, 2010

D.R.: The two weeks are up!

So we had to wait two weeks without internet access but now we are back online and able to update you all on whats happening! We wanted to give a quick update on some of the different things we've experienced thus far and go into detail a little later.

We started off with tons of mosquito bites, amoebas and bacteria. Totally agree with team Ecuador that all mosquitoes should die! We are working with six other ladies from Oregon and Tennessee plus our two fearless leaders; Ingrid and Desiree. Over half the team has gotten sick but we've got the process down of get to the clinic, deposit our samples and get some meds. (sadly Mary's in the middle of the process right now so please be praying for her!!)

Meredith and Megan purchased a live un-plucked chicken on a string and carried it from the market to our home base called Casa Betesda. This involved walking, a "concho" ride (a cross between a motorcycle and a dirt bike meets a scooter) and a van ride just to get Richard the chicken back home time for lunch.

While talking about conchos we fit three girls plus the driver and managed to safely make it to our destination(s).

We are all getting used to living with our host families and think we can all agree that despite the language barriers and acclimating to their family rhythm and culture- we love 'em!

Theres been lots of plantains, yuca, mangu, chinola and RICE & BEANS. There has also been a phase with us Interns about CRAVING peanut butter and oreos, peanut butter and crackers, peanut butter and ice cream, peanut butter and just about anything that tastes like home.

Last but not least for this quick and dirty update:
MWF- In the mornings Meredith has been tutoring grammar, reading and math ALL IN SPANISH in the batey Los Robles. In the afternoon she goes to the COTN Office to teach English to about 20 of staff's children.
Each morning Mary and Megan have been working in the clinic; helping out with a visiting doctor team, updating crazy storage spaces, and observing patient visits. On MWF afternoons they also go to teach English; Mary in the batey Don Basco with lots of younger children and Megan is off to the batey Algodon to teach about 20 older students English as well.

T/TH mornings, Meredith works at the office thus far creating order out of the chaos that is the storage room. Then in the afternoons we all head out to work with the Sponsorship Program, helping to update profiles and photos of the kids.

In closing- all of us interns are excited to be getting together this sunday for a Fourth of July Celebration- American Style at the beach (minus the fireworks, minus the hotdogs, plus all the fun!).

Until next time!!- M^3

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