Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Team Ethiopia has arrived!

Team Ethiopia is on the ground (though they look a bit tired)! Here's an email...
Dear Brandon,
The UPC Deputation Team arrived a couple of hours ago, tired but in good condition. None of them nor their luggage got lost in transit.
Things have been peaceful in Addis Ababa and Ethiopia since last Wednesday and we are involved in our normal activities. Tomorrow, the team will have an orientation at SIM Headquarters. Thursday, we will look at some of the HIV/AIDS ministries and try to visit the Missionaries of Charity AIDS Orphanage (Mother Teresa). Friday, they are scheduled to fly to --------.
Thanks for sending them!

SIM - Ethiopia


Kim Lewis said...

Ethiopia, it's good to see you all made it safely, and see a post traveling picture of all of you. I am so excited for you guys and everyone who is already at their country! Get some rest. This blog thing is cool.

Emily Brooks said...

Holler Ethiopia!!!
I am so glad you guys had a safe trip there and are starting to get settled in. I'm praying for you and just think, in less than two weeks we'll be on the same continent! Yay!

Johnny Shriver said...

wow, you guys are rad, look like troopers in your first picture. You are all in my prayers, and , umm, did i mention you are all rad?
You Rock My Face Off,