Wednesday, June 29, 2005

An update from team India!

update 2 from team india
well I am happy to be back in good health. it was nice to get back into the school. we have been in the school for about 2 weeks now and are getting into a routine. the kids really seem to enjoy us which is a blessing. I have been teaching a business course and have been setting up a dummy bank and post office with ashley. ashley has also been working in the nursery. meadow has been teaching some english and matt has been teaching computer science.
besides that we had a camp at the school for the older kids from last friday after school until sunday evening. the plan was for us to plan sunday and friday and saturday were supposed to be taken care of. we were supposed to be the supervisors of the kids and help them with the activities that were planned. this guy named medusa was leading the camp. what a great name. he gave us an outline for the weekend and we had a five minute orientation. I will sum up the orientation for you in one sentence. THE SUPERVISORS ARE DOING THE ENTIRE RETREAT. all this guy did was make an outline for us and turned us loose. what a joke. he was atleast supposed to stick around to be the official leader, but he took off after the orientation and never showed up. Rita wasn't too happy luckily she helped us plan a few of the workshops but we had to come up with all of these extra games. it was definitely
a challenging experience and one that tested our patience, but we pulled through fairly smoothly. God is faithful and Rita bought us dominoes for finishing the job. I was in heaven chopping down on this spicey pizza.

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Marion B said...

Hey Joel, Great job. You all rose to the occasion, led the kids, and learned a few things too. Just how the Lord had things planned I suppose. (He works all things according to the counsel of His will, Eph 1:11). Funny how we get these challenges we did not want and end up gaining so much by overcoming the hurdles. Sounds like you all have had your share of challenges, especially foodwise. (God has caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction- Gen 41:52). Stay with the Lord's leading, be safe, enjoy, know that we are praying!