Sunday, June 26, 2005

Update from Croatia!

Hello friends! Today is our 5th full day in Fuzine. We just finished helping with the 5-day Advocates Europe Conference (for Christian lawyers). There were 30 people staying here at the center (Hope House) where we live, and more than 50 people attended in all, from 15 different European countries, the US, and Cameroon in Africa. What a fun and diverse group. We never knew lawyers could be so much fun!! Since we collected everyone's money, they called us the tax collectors. And one French man called us "The Beauty of God." Oh, Bernard, what a character! It was very inspiring to hear how God has been and is working in Europe, especially in the post-communist countries. We also felt very fortunate to be able to go on an excursion with this group - to the island of Krk, just off the coast, for an afternoon of sightseeing and swimming in the Adriatic Sea. It was absolutely beautiful! (except for all the topless old women and men in speedos!) Anyway, we have a day off tomorrow, and then begin our kids' camps on Tuesday. We are prepared with 6 bags of marshmallows! We sent a few pictures. The group with the lake in the background is from our first day here, when we walked down to the lake by Hope House with the group from Bulgaria (and Dusan from Serbia). The photo with the Croatian flag in the background is us in the Zagreb airport when we first arrived. The last photo was taken in the courtyard at the monastery we visited during our trip to the island of Krk.

Much love and thanks for all the prayers and support! ~Hillary and Lindsay~

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Jeannette said...

Hi again! Great pictures and we'll be thinking of you and all the wonderful children God has ready for you to work with.