Saturday, June 25, 2005

An Update from Mekelle...

Brandon and All,Salam from Mek'elle Ethiopia!
Well we finally arrived in Mek'elle about a week ago, quiet the trip! Things in Mek'elle are quiet different than in Addis, it is a much smaller town. It took a little adjusting to get used to the frequent power outages and water shortages, but we have all fallen in love with the town and the people. We have spent the past week getting oriented to the city and to the youth center and have been having a blast!We will be starting English clubs this Monday, and are all excited for this. Time and Kelly will be wokring with the little kids, Matt with the middle kids and MIke and I with the oldest kids. In English club we will be using an around the world theme to play games and do crafts to help the students with their english. Matt and Kelly and I will also be starting Reading clubs this week, where we will be reading stories to the kids and doing crafts and asking questions to help the kids work on their English. Kelly and I are also in the process of developing interpretive dances for the girls anti-aids clubs, it has been a blast and we will start practics on Monday. We will be giving a special perforamance to anyone who would like when we get home! Mike will be taking over computer classes soon, and will be the "computer guy" for the center. Mike has been attending Taekwondo class in the morningand has been giving extra lessons to some of the kids in the afternoon, they love it! We call Tim the famous guy . . . the kids just love him everywhere we walk little kids run up yelling his name! He has been playing a lot of football (soccer) and basketball and table tennis with the guys, they just love him!We would love prayers for good health, especially as we begin being invited to peoples home for dinner, prayer for opportunities to build relationships with the older kids, wisdom in juggling all of the things we have to do and continued team bonding.
Lots of love to all at home,Jamie, Matt, Tim, Kelly and Mike

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