Thursday, June 16, 2005

An update from Tim (Ethiopia)

Yes, 30 hours of flying, not including driving time, We reached addis two nights ago. I'm safe, and loving Addis. Very cool city. Four million in an area the size of central seattle. donkeys, people, buses, ars all milling about the roads. Driving is awesome. We roll in this sweet Land Cruiser with a snorkel for crossing rivers (not necessary in Addis). Visited a orphanage for HIV+ children today, run by catholic nuns. They flocked us, just wanting to touch us. We held babies for a while. They just cried until we picked them up. Very moving. God is doing amazing things here. Our "house" here in Addis is a base for missionaries from all over the globe doing amazing things here in Ethiopia. Their faith is incredible, and they have awesome stories about the change the gospel mas made in people's lives. We fly out tomorrow for ------. Super excited to start running around with the kids. Seems like we eat all the time here. Aside from a little tummy rumbling (nothing some Pepto couldn't handle) our health is good. pray for team unity (great so far) and safety, that we could make a difference in ------. The kids we will be working with are in the people group that is influencial in gov't. There is a lot of potential for us to impact their lives and thus the entire country down the road. Wow! still overwhelmed! Miss you all, but I'm also very glad to be here! Keep praying!
Much love,

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Anonymous said...

Timmy -

I didn't get a chance to pray with you before you left. That's my bad. May the Lord keep you and your team. I'm excited about what He is going to do with you guys in Ethiopia.

David, fellow Duck dweller