Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Chile Update

An update from Thad (7-9):
Things That Make Your Day In Chile:
Finding Toilet Paper in the Bathroom
Random 60degree Days During Chile's Winter
Finding One Of The Two Starbucks In The Country
Hearing "Easy Like Sunday Morning " by Lionel Richie Coming From The Neighbors House
Having Fresh Bread At Every Meal and at the Same Time Getting More Than Bread For Dinner
Witnessing The Best Sunsets Known To Man Daily
Getting Three DVD's for $2
Watching The Four Year Old In Our House Dance And Be A Kid
Dancing With That Four Year
Picking Up ´Sahne-Nuss´ (Chocolate) At The Candy Store On Or Way Home From Work

Other Stuff That Team Chile's Up To:
Ester, Michelle and Sarah having been doing a variety of work at the school from planning an end of the quarter party for the kids, to sanding and painting, and going to other areas around Santiago and doing street evangelism through skits, songs and dances. Thad is finishing up the detail work in the bathroom and is starting on the other bathroom later this week. After the head pastor saw the work Taylor was doing in the school's bathroom, he brought him back to his house where Taylor is now doing a remodel of the bathroom in the head pastors house.
Last week we had three day in a row of heavy rain and most of southern Chile was flooded, and it was all over the news. They acted like they had never had three days of rain before. This Sunday we'll be heading down south to with a group of college aged kids from the area for a week and will be doing a variety of different work while in the south. (To all you concerned parents and friends the area we are going is not flooded.)
Be praying that we can continue to have patience and understanding with those we live and interact with on a daily bases. Along with our trip to the south this upcoming week. Continue to be praying for all of our health, and safety.
Thanks so much for the support and prayers that you have given us. Our time here is flying by, and we can't believe that we only have three weeks left until we return home. We look forward to spending time with all of you when we get back.
Team Chile
Ester, Michelle, Sarah, Taylor and Thad

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