Monday, July 10, 2006

Sierra Leone Update Week 2!

Hello Everyone! We have just finished our 2nd week in the beautiful country of Sierra Leone. We are getting used to how things are done here... we always have to remember "we're on African time!" For example, after i posted our first week's update I wrote one for week 2 but then the internet went down at the cafe we were at. They tried to fix it for about 20 minutes, but couldn't so we left. Of course we had to pay for the whole time we used it. Then we got a taxi to head farther into town to go to another cafe and the taxi we were in broke down! So we walked awhile and then eventually got another. Those are the kinds of things that happen all the time here... but we've gotten used to it. We just go with the flow.
We just wrapped up a week teaching at the school that is at the orphanage we work at, and also teaching at the surrounding schools. This past week we have deemed "health week" and we have all been teaching classes, songs and games to help the kids learn about washing their hands, eating good food, brushing their teeth, and keeping their body healthy. We didn't know until we got here, but we also taught sex ed! That was interesting, but it wonderful to teach when we can speak about God's plan for sex. This is what we taught when we went to other schools around the area. We have been in contact with about 500 kids since we've been here. What a blessing!
We are well taken care of here and we are having a blast learning more and more about the kids we are working with and learning a lot about the country and how God is working here through the staff and other nationals we come in contact with. We are also working with 4 other interns here in Marjay town (close to Freetown about 10 minutes. But the roads are awful so it takes 40) and there are 9 interns up country where we'll visit later.We have also had some time to go to the beach and into town and out to dinner on our days off with the other interns and some of the nationals which has been very fun and nice break. God has made a beautiful country here!
We pray for continued health, and that God would continue to bless us by creating opportunities to minister to the children and adults we come in contact with. Everyday is difficult as we face poverty in a very real and tangible way. My heart continually breaks for these people who are so broken, and for this nation because many of the people here are without hope. But it is encourging to know that God is faithful and he is moving. We are able to see this alongside the suffering and it is a blessing that helps up realize why God has sent us here. We thank you all for your support and prayers. Attached are some pictures of some of the stuff we've done so far! We love you all!


Erin's mom & dad said...

It was great to hear you are happy and well. we miss you very much and we are glad to see this update. missed the pics tho, they
did't make it. We will continue to pray for you all. everyone has been asking how you are doing. Now we can answer them. I love you and wish I could write more. wear your sunsreen. Love mom and dad

Sara Schofield (Erins sister) said...

Hi Sister! Everyone at work keeps asking me how you are doing! All i can say is "I don't know!" But I will tell them you are doing fine. Be careful of the bugs. try to post the pictures again, they didn't work! I love you and hopefully we can hear from you soon. love you!

Marie said...
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Marie said...
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Marie said...

Hi Sweet Erin!

It is so nice to hear all of the good work you and your team are a part of - I laughed at your comment about the bad roads and african time. That was a difficult thing for me to adjust to upon my return!

Everyone at work asks about you all the time - they want me to tell them each time you post a new blog. Things are different here without you (i'll leave it at that). DC has not had her baby yet, but she was in the other day and is really glowing! I ran into Sarah (from the old Core Group) this last weekend - she says hello as well! I told her what you were up to. I think Anamarie is due any day now.

Anyway - LOVE YOU! Can't wait to hear more soon.

ps-Louisa says hi and wanted you to know that Jeff's at lunch AS WE SPEAK with hairy man. haha


Amy Beth Kaila Ann's Mama) said...

Glad to hear you are all well and enjoying your experience. Kaila Ann - I am so happy to hear how well things are going. Keep sharing your love and share a few hugs for me. I miss you so much and love you lots. Be safe. xoxo All my love, Mom

Brianna said...

Hi Nate!
I was overjoyed to hear some word from Sierra Leone! Everything sounds so amazing, my heart just aches for the people and to be there experiencing all of it too. I'm praying for you and the rest of the team without ceasing, day and night. You can't possibly know how much I miss you and wish I was there with you. I'm writing to you every day in a journal and I can't wait to hear all your stories. Make it worth it. All my love and prayers are with you. Yours, C.C.

MaryVee said...

Baby Girl(KailaAnn) So glad to get the news and learn you are doing well. The beach!! The prayers are going out every day for all of you and the kids. Miss you sooo much. Much love, Ama

Anonymous said...


Missing you and so happy to see that God is answering all your prayers. Have fun and we wil continue to pray for you. We miss you! In case you are wondering... cheer camp is going well. Love ya,

Libby and Bill

Anonymous said...

It's Lauren or Lrrrn. I am back in Seattle at the Grace House and have been here a week and the house is so different without you :( I sure miss you and our nightly chats about everything. It sounds like you are having an amazing experience. I can't wait to hear all about it. I'm sure that you will come back changed and will forever hold a special place in your heart for Africa. I'm praying for you and I know that you are truly being Jesus' hands and feet. I'm proud of you missy and can't wait to see you soon! Love you so much..

Pops said...

So glad to read about your unbelieveable experience working with children in your week 1 and 2 summary. You are certainly worthy of your everyday challenges, especially with sharing God's love with the children. We will always lift you up in our daily prayers, as well as for the other members of your team. God's Blessings and OUR LOVE to you always.

Nanni and Pops 7/13/06