Monday, July 31, 2006

Sierra Leone Update

Wuzup?! Cause here a general tone of awesomeness is what is up. This week we acted as counselors for a camp that took place on the campus of a seminary in a place called Juey. I think our main function, however, was just to be there so that the flyers for the camp could proudly proclaim that
Americans would be there. There were about 150 kids there, aging anywhere from 7 to 17, about 50 of which were from the COTN orphanage. We worked closely with some totally awesome nationals, which was especially important since African kids often totally ignore our attempts to supervize. Jesse, our COTN intern leader, presided as the elustrious Igwe (Nigerian king) over the camp and ruled with an iron fist and inspirational hip shaking. The theme of the camp was "I want to be a Joseph" (Old Testament one) and several kids got saved and a whole lot decided to dedicate their lives to proclaiming the gospel. The kids labored intensely in order to construct the illustrious crafts, which included framed pictures, animal masks, paper plate paintings, crosses with yarn decor, and bracelets. In order to demonstrate the emphasis Jesus Christ placed on defeating your brother and sister in competition in all of His sermons, everyone in the camp was divided amongst four teams--Hot Pink (oh yah!), Caution Yellow (somehow beat Hot Pink--through bribery I'm sure), Danger Red, and Neon Orange. Each team gained points through good behavior and their success in games and performances. On the final night we had a talent show, and we "international interns" (white people) performed a skit in which we all went up to the stage, two by two, and brushed our teeth, spewing the resulting sputum into a cup. Brent then walked in, drained the contents of the cup down his throat, yelled "Buyah," and walked off stage. Several people followed him outside so as to regurgitate that nights meal of cassava root and gravy. We were all incredibly tired by the end of that week of insane fun, and so we spent a couple of days of rest at a beach resort to revamp. We still miss everyone a ton even with the awesome time we have been having.

Thankyou for your prayers. Lots of love to you all!

Erin, Kaila Ann, Brent, and Nate


Brianna said...

Hey Nate!
That last post sounded a lot like something you would write. I can't wait to hear all about camp and tell you about the amazing time I had on Beyond. My prayers are with you and the team. Peace and love, Brianna.

Remember to take pictures!

Mary Vee said...

Baby Girl : Sorry I haven't gotten to talk to you on the phone. Still time yet. Just wanted you to know that your washing and ironing is All done so you can come home now. Loveyou bunches and miss you. Ama

Marie said...

Hey Erin! (and team Sierra Leone)
So good to hear you are all having fun. What day will you return home? You've all been in my prayers.

We sure miss you at work - things are changin here! Kym has left for another company, and I put my notice in last week - can't wait to give you all the details when you return. Needless to say, we can't wait to get you back!

Saw DC last week - she was just about ready to pop - but no word yet...she asked about you.

Anyway - love you bunches - have a BLAST and make the most of it...time flies!