Monday, July 24, 2006

Chile Update

An update from Thad (7-22):
-Skills Needed to Travel to Chile-
The Ability to Use a Clothes Line
Basic Wood Working
Salsa Dancing
Ability to Sand and Paint
Willingness To Eat Bread at Every Meal
Hypothermia Prevention
Ability to Sleep In a Concert like Atmosphere
Ability to Use a Fork, Knife and Spoon (We eat a lot)
Conversion of Metric into Standard
Bathroom Renovation and Plumbing
How To Sweep and Mop With The Same Utensil

-Skills Not Needed to Travel to Chile-
The Ability to Use a Level
12 inch Voice
24 inch Voice
1 Meter Voice
Spanish Prononciation
Using Sunscreen or Bugspray
How To Turn DOWN Your Music/TV

We´ve completed three bathroom renovations. Two in the school and one in the head pastors house. Michelle, Ester and Sarah joined a number of of youth from the church and performed a version of Jesus Christ Superstar. We leave in about 4 hours to head down south to Lautaro for the next week. We´re all looking forward to heading down south to meet some new people, and see more of Chile. Upon our return we will be participating in the head pastors 25th wedding aniversary, when him and his wife renew ther vows. We´re pretty excited to experience what a Chilean wedding is like. Last night the head pastor took all of us out to dinner to ´A Pig With a Sweater ´ to say thank you for the hard work we have been putting in. And let me tell you, if ¨A Pig with a Sweater¨ goes international and opens up in Seattle you need to go. Other than that everything is going really well. Thanks for the prayers.
Team Chile
Ester, Michelle, Sarah, Taylor and Thad

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