Monday, July 24, 2006

Turkey Update

An update from Krista (7-20):
Hello =)
Just a quick update. Krista is still in Turkey, learning stuff and having a good time. Mary & Jamie are fabulous to live and work with.. they make me a better person =) Thank you for all your prayers. They're working:) What are you up to?
Oh, one month in, I finally got my first bug bite. That’s exciting because the others have been covered in bites all month. Yuck. Last night we went out to a soup restaurant with 5 others that are in the English club class that we go to teach Wed. & Fri. nights. They are all about our age (except our 41 year old ear/nose/throat doctor Vildan but she wasn’t there) and this restaurant is owned by one of the guys’ (Mehmet’s) father. I enjoyed my chicken soup. Mary & Jamie had lentil but tried the cow brain and the cow stomach, the latter was pretty gross I hear. At one point (we were sitting outside) a huge white cloud floated through the restaurant and I had no clue where it came from, except it smelled like a strange bug spray. I was thinking ‘eeek pesticides!’ and we were covering a mouths not know what was going on. Turns out that bug spray trucks fly down the street, letting off huge billows of spray to keep the bugs down. When our Turkish friends from class were little they used to chase these trucks. It was hard to avoid running past the trucks at least 3 times if you were out walking that night, like Mary and Jamie. Apparently, they say, that’s why the bugs came to find me instead of them last night. One other tidbit... we spent last weekend in Antalya for fun. We went to the Turkish bath house with Verna to experience getting scrubbed down and we also got an oil massage. I recommend that everyone go at some point. We loved it. It was pretty cool. If you’d like to know just what went on, let me know and I’ll fill you in. I will say that it involves giant soap bubbles, a large hot marble slab and little modesty. Men and women both go. Not everybody likes it. The students in the post-high school class have only gone a few times so maybe its more for the older Turks;) We’re definitely going again before we come home J
Everyone take care! I’ll upload some pictures later after we’ve put them on the laptop and viewed our updated slideshow to Mary’s pick of eclectic with an emphasis on 60s/70s rock n’ roll tunes. I hope you’re having a good summer J Krista

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