Monday, July 24, 2006

Sierra Leone Update

An update from Erin (7-22):
Hello all! We have just wrapped up our 4th week in Sierra Leone. This will be an update from the past 2 weeks since we haven't been able to post. But i have to go so i'll make is short. our third week here we were working at the ophanage doing sponsership stuff. We helped the kids write letters and took their pictures and did a lot of work updating all the kids files. The files blew us away because they had all of the kids pasts. It was incredible. Then last week we put on a VBS where the theme was obedience. We had about 135 kids come and they were all wonderful. God is continually blessing us in every way here. This week we are taking kids to camp. Pray for us, we will update when we come back. love you all

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