Monday, August 01, 2005

Ahoy, Mateys!

Hello all!
We thought we'd send ya a wee update from the green Isle. We had a fabulous holiday, and saw much of Ireland, and believe it or not - in sunshine! We arrived in Belfast on Friday afternoon, taking a large bus up from Dublin - and it didn't have a bathroom on it was was terrible for Mel and Brian as they are avidly using there Nalgenes. So we're at Lowe Memorial, and started our first day of camp today, with the pirate theme of Landlubbers, which is the same theme as Carlow's camp, so I guess we're a little more experienced this time. We are staying in the church, and the team is only about 15 people or so, which is smaller but really nice as we make a pretty close knit community. And they are all so much fun, and also hilarious. Lowe Memorial is in Finaghy, which is South Belfast, and it's been raining the past few days but amazingly the weather is beautiful today. Praise the Lord. No, seriously. We got to participate in the Sunday service yesterday, Brian on guitar, me on vocals, and Mel did a scripture reading and Tyler in support. Brian and Mel this week have alter egos as "Yo Ho" and "Heave Ho," respectively. And they are doing an amazing job letting there inner-pirate come out to the 4-11 crowd. Please keep us in your prayers, as these next few weeks are going to be extra tough with immediate transitions from one camp to the next. We miss you all, but they keep us happy and well fed, so don't worry! Shiver me timbers, God bless!
Much love - Becca, Melinda and the Best Team of Pirates to Sail in an Airplane over the Atlantic.


Elizabeth said...

Hey Ireland! Glad to hear the pirating is working out for you all. :)

Becca: Have you pirated some time to read HP6? Oh sad day's for Harry!!! and while we're on the subject of HP... do they eat it in Ireland too? just wondering... they curry one looks ...interesting. :)

Hope you guys are still having loads of fun and are not shivering too many timbers :P

You're all in our prayers!

Katie said...

i have just gotten home from my trip over to the wonder that is the UK.

I TOTALY just did a week of the SAME holiday camp in Prestonpans (6.2 miles outside of Edinburgh, Scotland)

It was FAB! oh yeah and Becca, Nicola was YO-HO and it was Hilarious!

im glad that I got to share in the experience of the pure rediculiousness that is land lubbers! and im sure you guys were ACE! I hope God is blessing you through your youth work!

take care!
miss you!
-Katie Shai