Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ireland in Bangor

<----Kilcooley Team
Hey Guys!
Quick update, as Mel doesn't want to be late for her football (soccer) tournament. We are now in Bangor, doing the Kilcooley team and having a whole lot of fun. They estimated that about 40 kids would come, and the first day we had about 75, and it just keeps growing. No joke. They are great kids, yet it's quite a different experience from our previous camps. "The Troubles" have hit this community more than any we have worked with in the past, and its quite a learning experience, and I'm sure Mel would be more than willing to talk to you about it when she gets back. Kilcooley is known for a lot of troubles of it's own, and these kids come from really hard familys - single mothers, drugs, and the influence of the paramilitary. Prayer for this community would be appreciated, as there is a lot of pain and hurt that has formed it into what it is today, and we really want these kids to know that this life isn't all there is. Needless to say we are locked in the Presbyterian Church from the inside pretty much the whole day, and that is quite a different experience. We had a great time celebrating Brian's 22nd Birthday, even threw him a disco up at the center (a place they have open for people in the congregation to come and chat) just a minute from the church and we all danced our hearts out. It was amusing in another sense, because Brian mentioned to me how he was getting a little clausterphobic being locked in a church all day, and then we proceeded to blindfold him, walk him to the center, which we also locked. But it was still an awesome par-tay. Prayer would be great for Brian, as he was playing football yesterday and hurt his already damaged knee, which is now quite sore although still in one piece. I'm working with the 6-11's with Tyler, and Mel and Brian are working with the teens, and in the evenings we all hang out with the teens. Just pray that we can really get deeper with these kids, as we have a great time hanging out and playing games with them, but that we can really bring Christ to them as a serious part of their lives they should consider. After this week, we get a few days off (to SHOP!) and then it's off to Route 66, which I accidentally wrote as Route 55, and I blame that on fatigue . . . Anyway, we are going to finish strong, although not on our own strength but soley on JC, because there is no way we could be doing this without him. Amen!
Hope you all are doing well, and if we don't get a chance to post again, we'll see you in two weeks!
In Him,
Becca, Mel, Brian and Tyler

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