Monday, August 15, 2005

North Africa Update...

We will be home in less than a week! Thats so crazy. We returned to AH from the capital last monday. The long drive went well, and guess what we encountered on our way back when we stopped for lunch?? Rain!!! They arent used to rain here, its kinda funny, the bathroom window was just a hole, so it definitely rained in the bathroom too. That wasnt enough rain for me though, I went and found a puddle to jump in. Those of us riding in the van were pretty happy about the rain, however, those of us in the truck had a lil different opinion, but thats understandable. Up until that point it had been really hot, after the rain it was still warm, but better, it rained off and on the whole way home.
Tuesday mornin we went back to work, that night we had a big storm here in AH. Rain, thunder and lightning. It was neat to watch, and kinda crazy that it was pouring rain, but still warm. However up in the countryside, it probably wasnt so warm. And so many of the people still live in tents. At least the bad weather was all done by Wednesday morning. So, we got back to work. A few of us worked at the same site we poured the floor at last week, but on a different house, preparing that floor. We will likely pour that floor tomorrow, our last work day, we start home on wednesday. A few also worked at the first site, prepping the govt house for pouring the rest of the roof, which we did today. Oh, and I got to dig in my hole, the hole is deeper than I am tall now.
We also got some exciting news this week. Three of the kids at the first site, Salim, and eleven year old boy, Usara, a ten year old girl, and Hessna, and seven year old girl, will be going to live in the capital, with a very very rich person. How did this woman even hear about these people?? The ambassador came our first week here, and there was a lot of press, this woman wanted to help somehow, so she wrote and asked if there were three children that would be able to go live in the capital city and go to school. There are seven kids in this family, one older girl, thirteen, two younger girls, maybe four and five, and a baby boy in addition to the kids that are going to the capital. There is no father around, Zulihah, the mother, moved back with her parents and family after the earthquake and is living in a tiny house. It is one room, made from rocks with dirt over them, the houses they lived in before the earthquake that fell on them, there still are earthquakes up there often, about once a month. Its her and seven kids. Tonight though, the three kids moving will be coming back to the house we stay at tonight, and leave for the capital tomorrow morning. They are going from a place where they have to ride a donkey for a few hours for water, theres no electricity. Alright, so I lost my train of thought there because I went up to the mountain to get the kids. We just got back a lil bit ago. Think about this, they probably found out they were going on friday, then today, they found out they were coming here tonight, and going to the capital tomorrow. Their mom was crying so much. They werent sure if they were going to let Salim go, because they kind of need him to help out around there, but his mom was around the corner crying, and told us to just go. Salim cried when he said goodbye to his grandmother. Both girls cried a lil bit. Then the kids and I climbed in the back of the truck for the ride back to the house. Between the three of them they have one little backpack and a plastic bag with clothes and I dont know what else. Only their oldest sister Hannah watched the truck leave, and as soon as the car began moving she turned away and cried. The three kids in the truck didnt even turn around, they just looked forward with a straight face. It was really hard to watch it all. In their eyes I could see the fear of leaving everything theyve ever known and going to live somewhere theyve never been, with someone theyve never met, with luxuries they have never even imagined having. In the mountains there really isnt any opportunity for even going to school, and now they are going to be able to. Please be lifting up their trip tomorrow and the new life they are going to have. They will probably be able to return home for a visit next summer, but they will continue to live in the capital until they are finished with school, and possibly beyond that. Also please be lifting up the family that still lives in the mountains.
Well on a different note, yesterday we had a service here at the house, there were over thirty people. Three people from the countryside were baptized. It was a big celebration, a wonderful thing to be able to witness.
Thank you all for lifting us up! We will see you soon!


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