Monday, August 15, 2005

Our Final Farewell From Fuzine!

Lindsay and Hillary on the streets of Zagreb (Croatia's Capital City)

Mirta, Hillary, Lindsay, and Dinko near the river in Zagreb

Lindsay, Mirta, and Hillary Souvenier shopping in Zagreb

Lindsay, Flutra, Sanela, Fellanza, Daniela, Hillary, and Sithabile sight-sighting in Zagreb

Hillary, Christine (Mom), Tihomir (Dad), and Lindsay visiting the Catholic Cathedral in Zagreb

Look who joined us this week! It's Allen Belton from UPC. A ROM legend!

Jan, Lauren, Kristin, Hillary, Lindsay, Allen, and Sandra in the Hope House Office

Hillary and Lindsay singing 'Enough' by Jeremy Camp for our International Talent Night.

We were a big hit. Hi-5s all around!

Well our stay in Fuzine has come to an end. We leave for the Zagreb airport in less than 24 hours. ROM has been amazing. We have made wonderful friends, learned difficult lessons, and dreamed beautiful dreams for our futures at home in Seattle! When we return we will inform you of all the details about how ROM went.

Thank you for all your support, prayers and encouragement. Much Love, Lindsay and Hillary

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Friedrich Haas said...

Hi Hillary! Great report about ROM and it looks like it encouraged you to be back in 2006 for ROM and OHRID Reunion of ROM Alumnis. Looking forward to your blogreports about it!
Friedrich Christian Haas