Thursday, August 18, 2005

Malawi Update

Hello all,
Well, soorry it has been three weeks since my last email, I have been here and there and didn't have a chance to go into town.
Life has been different lately, last thursday we left the farm, and the kids :( it was sad, but we had a wonderful goodbye ceremony with lots of singing and dancing. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we were in Zambia on safari YEAH! I have always dreamed of taking a safari in Africa and I actually got to go on one. It took 8 hours of driving on dirt roads through Zambia to get there, but We saw all kinds of animals: geraffs, elephants so close you could touch them (it was actually really scarry) hippos, cranes, aligaters, hienas, on and on. It was so amazing. After we got home, monday we left for Lake Malawi again and had a time of debriefing. I used most of my free time to set up a CD of everyone's digital pictues so they could take them home to all the different places people go home to. SO, today is our last day in Malawi, and I am sad, but very excited to be home. I am looking forward to seeing
ALL of you and showing you my many... many......many pictures and telling you some of the stories. :) OK, thank you so much.
For a one Carol Soldano: Oh, and there was a request to bring fudge to the airport... :-)
Thank you all so much,
Kenny Soldano singing off from Africa ......for now.

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