Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Hey Guys!
Lowe Mem was an absolute dream of a camp, or at least we consider it as such in retrospect. We are excited to meet up with some of them on our break (some shopping in Belfast!) and a few we'll see at the Route 55 Bible conference at the end of August. So now we're up at Tobermore, and we really have no idea where that is in relation to Belfast, because all of us were taking naps on the ride over. But my sources tell me that is Northwest. Anyway, we were a bit tired coming in, and have tried to get as much sleep as possible, but it's tough jumping from camp to camp. However, I did manage to finish Harry Potter 6 earlier this week! INSANE - but I won't give away the ending if you haven't read it yet. The theme of this camp is Formula 1 racing, and "Grand Prix Winners!" There are about 25+ people on the team, and it has been AWESOME getting to know all of them. Brian is working with the teens, Mel is with the 11-14 and also sittin' in with the teens, Tyler is with the 8-10 yr olds, and once again I am blessed with the 7 and under catagory. They're all so cute and sticky. We're staying at the Baptist Church up the street from the Presbyterian Church the camp is held at. We get really nice showers at the local fitness center, and they feed us well as Ireland has the best sausages ever. They're keeping us pretty busy, from about 7 to 11 and no time for naps inbetween - although Tyler emerges from rooms a little bleary eyed in the middle of the day and we can't figure out how he gets away with his siestas. God is really making himself known to us through the hearts of the kids, and it's so encouraging to seem them excited about the stories and tesimonies we have to share with them each day. We ask for prayer that we will still have energy and strength as we go about our days, and especially prayer for work with the teens (mainly haughty 13/14 yr olds). Thanks for all the support and prayer you have blessed us with so far, and pray for our transition on Saturday as we continue on to Kilcooley. Miss ya!
In Him, Becca, Mel, Brian and Tyler.

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