Monday, July 09, 2007

Croatia Update

So… a lot has happened since EDS (Economic Diplomacy Seminar) has begun. Participants for the seminar are from all over the Balkan region and come from various religious backgrounds. Countries represented include Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bulgaria,Ukraine, and Romania. There are also leaders and participants from Sweden, UK, and Washington D.C. It has been an amazing experience to meet and become friends with people from all over the world.
We played a lot of games and mixers to get to know each other; as well as performed a few skits where Karuna and I most definitely made fools of ourselves! (but we had so much fun!) The first half of the seminar is over and I feel that much has been accomplished. Topics discussed in the seminar so far have been transformational business, Jesus as a servant leader, corruption (specifically human trafficking) and a program called the Trinity Forum which examined philosophical and practical aspects of the history and development of business practices and ethics. We have also seen the movie Blood Diamond and a documentary called The Corporation which examines harsh global realities. Another part of the seminar that was really great was when leaders gave shared their testimonies of God’s work in their lives and careers. Leaders gave demonstrations of economic diplomacy in practice which was very inspiring. Many of the participants were moved by the stories, and it was amazing to see God’s spirit at work.
All participants (including Karuna and I) are members of a small group which consists of about 5-7 people. These groups have been a great experience where participants have been able to open up about their lives and more deeply discuss the topics presented in the seminar. I have already made lasting friendships in my small group, and it has only been a week!
We finally got to leave Fuzine this week! Karuna and I were very excited to experience another part of Croatia. We went to the coastal city of Riejka for a day of shopping, walking around and seeing the sights. When we got back we shared the art of American S’more making to the participants and had a fun night of charades (they call it pantomime here) and singing. The coast here is beautiful and we actually get to go to Crk Venecia tomorrow to spend some much needed time relaxing on the beach!
Today, the mayor of Fuzine came to speak to our group and we did some community service consisting of weeding and overall beautification of a new tennis court here in town. Sadly, neither Karuna nor I were able to participate. I have been sick with a fever and a headache for the past 2 days and Karuna hasn’t been feeling well either (issues with the food…) I went to the doctor today to get some antibiotics, and hopefully I will be feeling better soon. Karuna is feeling better and hopefully will get used to the food!
We are looking forward to another week of EDS and our main prayer request is for good health!


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