Saturday, July 21, 2007

Malawi Update

Hello again!

Team Malawi is alive and well! We are back from a week at Chiwengo Village where we worked with the other interns doing chores and helping the aunties. Our separate village ministries are going well, we can see God working in each area! Jen’s classes are going well, and many students are preparing for their exams. The widows ministry that Chenee is working with just opened up their store where they are selling the products they hand make. Myself and Caitlin are continuing to teach 1st and 2nd grade in the Mgoyi (sp?) village. COTN attempted to show the Jesus video but it did not work, we were all upset about that. In a couple minutes we are off to our mid-summer retreat, so I may have a longer update in a few days..

Team Malawi is asking for prayer as we travel to our time at Lake Malawi. We also ask for prayer as we seek God’s guidance through administrative details/issues that have occurred. We are all healthy FINALLY so thank you for prayers for that. Lastly, prayers that we will see God in our ministries, our relationships, and even in the midst of the basic daily life.

Sorry its so short..time to get BACK on the coaster!!!

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