Monday, July 09, 2007

ZABOO - Malawi Update


Team Malawi is alive and somewhat well. Our travels took a little bit longer
than we had hoped. After living on a plane and in airports for 2 days, our
flight from London to Johannesberg was delayed. This then left us in Jo-berg
for a night because we missed the ONLY flight to Malawi. Imagine this; 4
girls each with an oversized suitcase and a box running from the airport to
the shuttle down a sidewalk that was a little under American standards…great
first experience in Africa let me tell you!!

Once we arrived here in Liliongwe we were greeted by the Mtsilza Village
kids. They came to the Njewa Mission center where we are staying and
performed songs, sweet Malawi dances, recited bible verses and welcomed us
with a “Shapo” (thumbs up)!

Our days vary, but are starting to become more scheduled (on Malawi time
that runs at least ½ late to everything :). Jen is working in the Mtsilza
Village teaching Freshman English. Chenee is in the same village doing the
widows ministry where women come to knit and sew bags, scarves, tablecloths
etc. to sell to support themselves. Caitlin and I are working with a village
that is no more than 200 yards away. These have been the first DAYS that
COTN has been in the village and there is so much potential for what God can
and will do. As of right now, after talking over the needs of the village
with the village women, we are going to start tutoring 1st and 2nd graders.
The school these kids attend is too far for them to walk to so they stay
home. We also play to work with the women of the village teaching them basic
care such as food preparation and hygiene care.

Malawi in general is incredible and more than we could imagine. The kids
cling to us and run to us wherever we go. “Azungu, Azungu” (white person)
they scream with their high squeaky voices as they run towards us. Working
with the Malawian interns as help and translators has helped us share the
incredible news of God. They may have snot running down their noses, dirty
hands, and cavity filled teeth, but the love and happiness they show is
nothing that we have seen before!

As I said in the introduction to this, we are alive and SOMEWHAT well. Jen
and Caitlin were the first of the 20 some interns that got sick. Symptoms
include nausea, terrible stomach aches and something us interns like to call
the big “hoosker doosker” (we have to have a little fun with it). Jen has
since been better, and Caitlin is on the uphill. Chenee’s health has been
wavering and as of today she is generally well with a very tight back. I on
the other hand got well after my first bout of illness somewhere in the air
between London and Johannesberg but am now starting the cycle everyone else
has gone through..

Team Malawi asks for prayer for of course recovery from illness, patience in
waiting and plans that take more time than expected to follow through, and
that God will continue to use us!

Internet is limited here, (that’s an understatement), so we will update you
all as soon as we can!

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