Sunday, July 01, 2007

India is seeing ALOT!

hello brandon! here is an update:}

this last week was great! it's crazy how quickly the days fly by. working with the children, as challenging as it is, has been wonderful. i work with the kids daily. because i'm teaching art i have all of the grades at least twice a week. it's a challenge to create lesson plans that will suit such different levels of ability and age. but i've been trucking along. india is beautiful. we went to mysore yesterday to do some sight seeing. just amazing stuff! we visited a few temples which was a very interesting experience, something new to us all. we also saw a HUGE AND GORGEOUS palace. natalie and i kept making up sotries for all of the different rooms, for surely it was right out of a movie! there were few other historic places we visited as well as a huge garden full of water fountains and all. the trip was quite interesting and, here's a funny story, we were like celebs! seriously, it was quite awkward for us but at the garden there were a few groups that could not get enough of us and wanted to take our pictures over and over again. it was wild! the week has been great for us all. jason is teaching a boy who is about to graduate. they are working on economics, which is what jason's degree is in. this boy who's name just happens to be jason wants to go to bible college but has a few subjects to conquer first. other than that jason (our jason:]) is working on various multimedia things for the school, a PowerPoint and a brochure. he's taking a ton of pictures to say the least. carl has become the math teacher. he teaches for the first two periods of the day and then helps jason if he has extra tasks and/or rita if she can manage in her busy day to throw another project our way. rita has more or less given us our duties and said run with it, we have much more freedom than expected. natalie has taken over the office, doing various entering of info into the computer and such. the regular office woman, supadra, just got married and spent this last week on her honeymoon! we attended her wedding about culture differences! it was great. this week supadra will be back, and natalie, who is teaching english during first period, will be assigned to something different. i'm hoping she can come help me in the art room! ha. otherwise we're all trucking along so well. natalie and i have begun to have some problems with the food, it's just very different and our apparently sensitive systems are not reacting as well as hoped! also we went full force into it in the beginning, and i think we over did it a bit! haha. we're working on smaller portions. no one is sick yet! we're planning on keeping it this way. next week we will head off to a camp with some of the children, and prem has asked us to preach...yes preach at the english service at the India for Christ Mission church...this we just found out this should prove to be interesting. thank you all for your support and prayers! sorry to keep this short but i have such limited internet time! much love from India!

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