Monday, July 09, 2007


Team DR had quite the change of pace coming into week two, beginning with moving
into the homes of our host families. Good things are happening in all of our
families, who have been very welcoming and helpful, especially with the language
barrier. Amy and another American Intern who speaks Spanish live with a family.
Katie is never lonely in her family because there is always an assortment of
animal pets to keep her company.

Okay, do you know those cards with the pictures of kids that come out near
Christmastime that invite you to sponsor a child for their basic needs like food
and water, school, and clothing? Well, for the past week we have been going to
the villages and taking pictures of the kids to update their sponsorship
program. We learned a ton about what it takes to organize hundreds of kids to
make pamphlets for them. The funny thing is that we really didn't know what we
were doing, but in the end, things just fell into place with much cooperation
from the kids and help from the staff. The whole process gave us a whole new
insight and appreciation for the real kids and their real lives behind their
names and their pictures.

There is a little tiny peek at what the DR team has been up to.

From: Amy, Katie, Anna

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