Saturday, July 28, 2007

Finally some internet!!!

Looking at where we will be abseiling (repelling)

One of the gals and I

Calvin just got buried into a sand sculpture by Kelly's group (team China lol)
Supposed to be a Chinese Emperor surrounded by the Great Wall

Team Ireland preparing to take the gals out for some banana boating.

All the gals and then "The American's" as well

Yeah I know Ireland hasn't posted in quite a while, but we have been at back to back camps and not really had access to the internet. This last week we were working up in Castlerock, holding the Guysmere Girls Camp. It was amazing fun and great Craic and Banter (Irish terms that I would need to explain later) Even though Trevor and I were a bit nervous about the whole thing, it really turned out to be quite and amazing time and, though we are zonked, the girls were awesome. Kelly and Camille, did amazing jobs leading teams of girls, while Trevor and I did alot of background and security work. The two weeks before that we were in Lucan working with Lucan Summerfest. We have been told that it was probably the largest team we would be on. (Only about 20 altogether) Everything is done in such smaller numbers here. But the crazy thing is that they actually have better transportation systems here. The trains, and busses reach far out and even make it out to towns that the US would force a person to drive to. Anyways at Lucan the camp was split into two different sections. The morning were the younger ones and the afternoons were with the teeney boppers. It was tiring, but felt really rewarding to be serving the Lord in this way. We are now just starting to take a bit of a break before plunging into the next set of camps. As for prayers, I would ask that we would be able to restore our energy and that you would be praying for the people here in Ireland. At both of the last two camps we have been at, there have been tears as we left. I didn't think that we would have such an impact on these leaders and children that they would cry as we left. It kinda breaks the heart, but I can see that God really is using us in the lives of those around us here. More will come, but that's all for now!!


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