Monday, July 23, 2007

India Update

SO...yet another great week! school is going going going and although i cannot speak fully for the team...i feel like school days just fly by and FOR SURELY just feel like i want more time with the children! OH, they are just so great, well most of them...of course you have your little troublemakers here and there:).

So this week we went to Puna to visit the mukti mission. this is the coolest place as few words as possible this wonderful woman started this orphanage for women on top of being a christian and translating the bible (while standing for reasons of respect) into something like, well i don't remember how many to be totally honest but like A TOTAL WOW AMOUNT of different languages. she was truly amazing. she has since passed but the mukti mission has flourished and includes now day care centers, medical care, an old age home, a special needs school, care for the visually handicapped, education for primary, secondary and vocational training, computer training, nursery and adoption. it is a HUGE places and the schools include some students from mukti and some who live in the surrounding villages. it was truely a treat to go and visit these women and children and see how talented they are. We were able to visit all of the classrooms which showered us with cards and flowers and even chat a little with some of the older residents. it was wonderful!

that is just so brief....i do apologize. yesterday was zoo day. now i'm not much of a fan for zoos but we went on a safari and got to see bears and lions and tigers and ride an elephant and i will admit it was preeeeetttttyyyy cool. the children from the hostel (those who live on campus at the school) came as well. these are some of my favorite times becuse you can really bond with the kids. when you're in class you can only do so much and connect so much...there are of course things to be done. speaking of school natalie is still doing work for rita...little to dos here and there which rita QUITE OBVIOUSLY appreciates. jason is a walking talking camera taking pictures for the school's new brochure, power point presentation and other various needs, and carl has officially been named the "if anyone needs help man" which i fully appreciate in the art room because honestly having class after class is just not a job built for one...really. it is so nice to have an extra set of hands.

Prem and Rita are doing well as are our new teammates. They (dean the 30 year old irish man and sylva the 45+ german woman) are planning on going on most of the rest of our trips with us and although they most of the time do their own thing, are interesting to have around...quite a new dynamic:] we leave on friday for goa...which is going to be such a treat. we're praying for hot hot hot weather so we can hit the beach! hooray! other than that life is good and the days are just going. i'm pretty sure we all feel truly blessed to be doing what we do here in india.

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