Monday, July 02, 2007

Ethiopia has arrived!

For those of you who have not heard team Ethiopia has had quite the ride! We showed up at the airport Friday night to shuttle them onto the evening British Air flight to London. Well, come to find out the flight was delayed. It was delayed so much that they were going to miss their flight from London to Addis. Well instead of sending them to London the agent did something else instead, he booked them on the next evenings flight. SO here they were, all packed, all ready, all pumped, but with no place to go! Unfortunately they all went home and slept in their own beds again.
There was a blessing to the whole thing though.
Karla sister was a week over due. Karla was supposed to be in the delivery room when it happened, but obviously wasn't because it didn't happen. Well, guess who had a baby on the night they were delayed! Yep, because of the delay Karla was able to be in the delivery room!
I guess God has a funny way of orchestrating things!
I just got word that they have arrived safely in Ethiopia and will be headed north to Mekelle soon.
Well, I guess in this case they were a day late but not a dollar short. No, they gained from their delay. God was working like He always does, for the good.
In Him,

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